Receiving a Dry Goods, Pharmaceutical, or Cosmetics Halal Certification in the US

Halal Food Council USA (HFC-USA) is proud to help American business owners become halal-certified in the United States of America. Continue reading to learn more about Receiving a Dry Goods, Pharmaceutical, or Cosmetics Halal Certification in the US.

What is Halal?

Halal is an Arabic term that means lawful or permitted. Halal products are safe and intended for pure and permitted consumption or use by Muslims. Halal is the opposite of haram, which translates to unlawful or unpermitted.

Becoming Halal certified means that your products will be permitted for lawful use worldwide under the guidelines of the holy Qur’an.

Haram MaterialsBelow is a list of haram (prohibited or unlawful) materials that do not qualify for halal certification:

● Pork products
● Alcohol
● Blood
● Carnivorous animals and birds
● Carrion
● Gelatine
● Enzymes

The above materials must be avoided completely to ensure halal qualification. This helps ensure hygiene, safety, and purity.

Halal QualificationsBelow are some of the most widely accepted halal qualifications:

● Should meet Islamic dietary standards
● Should comply with all rules of HFC
● Should fulfill all administrative requirements
● Should conform to all documentation requirements
● Should be able to set up, implement, and maintain Halal Assurance System to sustain Halal status of the certified product(s).
● Should comply with a high standard of hygiene

How to Obtain a Halal Certification? Below are the steps that must be followed to obtain a halal certification:

● A preliminary certification request must be made
● A list of all products that are produced by the company must be submitted
● All raw materials and ingredients should be listed and submitted to be cleared under Islamic law
● All products must be halal certified
● An agreement with HFC-USA must be signed
● Halal Assurance System (HAS) must be set up at the production location
● An Internal Halal Auditor / Coordinator must be appointed
● Two bi-annual reports must always be submitted for a follow-up review

Halal AuditingHalal-certified businesses will continuously be audited to ensure that all products continue to be halal.

The auditing process includes:

● Assessment of HAS Implementation
● Raw Material Checking
● Product Formula Checking
● Warehouse Observation
● Production Observation
● Cleaning / Sanitation Procedure
● Laboratory Analysis
● Packaging / Labeling / Storage / Transportation

Halal-certified businesses will continuously be monitored and audited to protect the purity and dutiful lawful Muslims who use halal products.

Halal Food Council USA: Helping American Businesses Become Halal Certified
If you are interested in a dry goods, pharmaceutical, or cosmetics halal certification in the USA, HFC-USA is here to help.

We will provide both supervision and certification services for any and all American businesses that wish to provide their customers with halal food – whether it be meat and poultry, dry goods, or pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. We also provide comprehensive halal food service training.

For more information about obtaining American halal certification, give us a call at 410-548-1728.