How to Recieve a Meat & Processing Halal Certification in the USA?

Here at Halal Food Council USA (HFC-USA), we are happy to help American businesses and restaurants receive halal certifications in the US. Continue reading to learn more about how to receive a meat & processing halal certification in the USA.

Understanding the Importance

Understanding the Importance

Before pursuing a halal certification, it is first important to understand the importance of ensuring that all processes are halal-certified.

Islamic law places a strong value on life, both animal and human – all life is precious and valued, as it is given to us as a gift from God. Life must only be taken for human survival, and only in the name of God. Any life that is not taken in the name of God for human survival is considered to be haram (unlawful and unpermitted).

Halal meat and poultry are acquired by practicing Islamic law to ensure that the final product is halal (permitted and lawful).

Halal Slaughter Schedule

Halal slaughter must be practiced only during the first shift of the day using sanitized and clean halal equipment. The only case in which slaughter can be carried on into the second shift is if the process is continued from the morning shift, or if there is a wash down and sanitization gap between the two shifts.

Halal Slaughter Process

In order to ensure that the slaughter process is halal from start to finish, the following steps must be taken:

● Stunner voltage must be set in accordance to the size of the bird or animal; this prevents blood clotting and assures full artery bleeding.
● All slaughtering must be done by capable and sane Muslim slaughtermen.
● Slaughter must be done by hand, not by machine – machines do not have the ability to slaughter with halal intentions.
● Animals should never be in discomfort, and should never see another animal killed.
● The animal should be given water prior to slaughter, and should not die hungry.
● The animal should never see the knife.
● The knife should be very sharp to prevent the animal from suffering.
● Tasmia must be recited prior to the slaughter: this either consists of “Bismillah” or “Allahu Akbar” – “In the name of God” and “God is the Greatest”.
● The killing must be done swiftly and with mercy. A swift and clean cut to the throat must be carried out without severing the spinal cord.
● The animal must be allowed to fully bleed out before proceeding with processing the meat – blood is not halal.

Halal Food Council USA: Helping American Businesses Become Halal Certified

If you are interested in halal food certification in the USA, HFC-USA is here to help.

We will provide both supervision and certification services for any and all American businesses that wish to provide their customers with halal food – whether it be meat and poultry, dry goods, or pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. We also provide comprehensive halal food service training.

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