Halal Certification FAQ’s

Halal Food Council USA (HFC-USA) is here to help American business owners obtain their Halal certifications. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Halal certification in the United States.

Q: Are Halal and Kosher The Same Thing?

Are Halal and Kosher The Same Thing?

A: There are many similarities between Kosher and Halal, but it is important to keep in mind that they are not the same thing. Halal foods follow Islamic dietary law, while Kosher foods follow Jewish dietary law. Kosher foods do not require a prayer before slaughter, while Halal foods require a prayer to Allah before every slaughter. A Kosher certification and a Halal certification are not interchangeable.

Q: Why Do Vegetarian Products Require Halal Certification?

Why Do Vegetarian Products Require Halal Certification?

A: Halal does not simply refer to meat products; the term “Halal” means “lawful” or “good” under Islamic law. Both vegetables and various ingredients must be verified as Halal.

Q: What Types of Meat are Halal?

A: Deer, cattle, domestic birds (chicken, turkey, duck), camels, rabbits, goats, sheep, and fish are all examples of meat that are Halal.

Q: What Types of Meat are Not Halal?

A: Examples of meat that are not Halal include pests (mice and rats), carnivores (cats, bears, dogs, etc), scavenger birds, donkeys, amphibians, reptiles, pigs, and mules.

Q: Is Dairy Halal?

A: As long as the product comes from a Halal-certified animal, yogurt, milk, and cheese are all accepted to be Halal.

Q: What is the Halal Certification Process?

A: Once an application is received, all steps in the slaughter and/or production process must be verified and cleared as Halal. The certification process consists of a thorough product review and facility audit to ensure that all Halal guidelines are followed.

Q: Can Alcoholic Beverages Be Halal Certified?

A: All alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, etc are all considered to be Haram (unlawful/not Halal). All intoxicating substances are to be avoided by Muslims and can never be certified as Halal.

Q: What Types of Food are Haram?

A: The six categories of food that are known as Haram (unlawful/not Halal) include alcohol, blood, carrion (dead meat), caniverous animals or birds, swine, and Immolated Food to other deities other than Allah.

Q: What Happens After Halal Certification?

A: After Halal certification, we will continue to monitor with semi-annual reports of HAS implementation, reports of any and all changes within the system, and unscheduled inspections. This helps to ensure that the products being produced continue to be 100% Halal.

Halal Food Council USA: Helping American Businesses Become Halal Certified

If you are interested in a dry goods, pharmaceutical, or cosmetics Halal certification in the USA, HFC-USA is here to help.

We will provide both supervision and certification services for any and all American businesses that wish to provide their customers with Halal food – whether it be meat and poultry, dry goods, or pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. We also provide comprehensive Halal food service training.

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