Welcome to Halal Food Council USA, the leading Halal-food certification organization in North America. Halal certification gives companies access to Muslim consumers.

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Standard Operating Procedure for Obtaining Halal Slaughter Certification

1) Request For Certification: The process is initiated by an application form for Halal Supervision and Certification.

2) Inspection of the Facilities: Inspector(s)/auditor(s) from HFC’s Department of Halal Inspection and Supervision inspect the facility to determine the compliance (of product, ingredients, equipments, production process, sanitation procedures, packaging, labeling, storage, and transportation) with Halal standards. This includes reviewing the possibility of cross contamination. The inspection report is submitted to the Halal Certification Board along with any recommendation.

3) Registration of the Slaughter Facility: Upon approval of the plant by HFC’s Halal Certification Board, the plant is registered as a bonafide Halal Slaughter Plant.

4) Assignment of a Muslim Slaughter Man: A Muslim slaughter man is assigned to perform the necessary procedures in accordance with the Islamic slaughter method.

5) Sign Agreement and Issue Certification: A written contract is signed with mutually agreed upon terms and conditions. A Halal Slaughter Certificate is issued by the Halal Certification Board for each batch of Halal product produced. HFC’s registered symbol, is made available for use on labels of Halal product.

6) Post Certification Monitoring: Maintenance of Halal status of the slaughtering plant, production process, Standard Halal Operating Procedures set by HFC for Halal production, and the final product that is Halal certified is essential through out the certification period. An announced and/or unannounced inspection of the production facility by HFC auditors will be performed for assuring Halal status.