Welcome to Halal Food Council USA, the leading Halal-food certification organization in North America. Halal certification gives companies access to Muslim consumers.

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Welcome to Halal Food Council USA.

Halal Food Council USA is an international halal certifying body operating in the continent of North America. HFC-USA is heaquartered in Salisbury, MD and maintains a Midwest office in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

HFC-USA is a grassroots community organization that maintains a close relationship with Muslim communities in North America through their Islamic centers and organizations.

Halal Food Council USA has the distinct honor of earning religious and governmental recognition from MUIS of Singapore and MUI of Indonesia, as well as many other Muslim countries throughout the world.

Halal Food Council USA provides:

  • Halal certification and supervision services for qualifying poultry and poultry products

  • Halal certification and supervision services for qualifying foods, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, chemicals, packaging materials, and other consumer products.

HFC-USA follows the guidelines given in the Codex Alimentarius (1997) for Halal that has been approved by all Muslim countries in the world, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. These guidelines include the standard for halal slaughter, halal foods, halal cosmetics, and usable halal goods.

Our certification is accepted by all halal importing regions in the world, including all Muslim countries, and is recognized as a professionally credible and religiously trusted halal certifying body.